Hi, I'm Shamil.

A Production Engineer, based in London

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I'm a site reliability engineer: applying software engineering principles to operations/infrastructure. I believe in abstracting ideas and incrementally building hypotheses to see what works best for each situation. When it comes to engineering challenges, I always defer to my experience as a software engineer but also rely on my operational knowledge to complement solutions.

In my spare time I write web and service applications as well as entertain deep discussions about software patterns and architures - a book by Martin Fowler is always within reach!

I'm a maintainer of an IRC bot residing on multiple IRC networks, providing fun and utility functionalities and have released a few themes for the Textual IRC client on OS X. Most of my projects are private, as I tend to write for specific things in mind, but I sometimes release my code on GitHub.

Beside software engineering, I'm also heavily involved in infrastructure and operations. Yes, I have fun setting up kubernetes clusters and administering them. This website is hosted on a personal k8s cluster, with namespaces separating projects. I follow a full SDLC from issue tracking to deployment using CI and CD pipelines.

In my spare time, I'm learning functional programming with Scala simply because I recognise that the different paradigms enable for unique advantages... but it always forces me to think in a completely new way.

Stepping away from the computer, I am learning new (human) languages, enjoy reading and weight lifting.

I also love flying. I have a pilot's license and I've long said that my office is in the sky!